The Declaration of Enlightenment Feminism (Dabran)

7 years ago

Independent Kurdistan Women

In the light of the current war of different ideologies in the region and Kurdistan against terrorism, political Salafism, and decomposed society costumes; we the Enlightened Kurdistan Women, after the overall assessment of distinct social, economic, and political crises, in addition to the low understanding of democracy, we came to the conclusion that; despite the numerous crimes of the Salafis and their danger for women, freedom, and equality in the last decades, regrettably, in the past half century until the present time, we have not seen solid strategy in fighting these forms of social terrorisms particularly against women.

Surveys illustrated that there are needs for new strategies of social awareness so as to challenge the mid-century thoughts among individuals, family, and community. Practical steps, to liberate women from hindered spiritual enslavement, suppression, and male dominance are in charge.  


Despite acknowledging women’s role within most parties’ agendas, women’s organizations are still struggling. We, the Enlightened Women, are not representing any other organs and parties. Our lonely objective is to be a social enlightened movement so as spread and introduce democracy to every woman in our society.

 Therefore, after the First Dabran Platform Conference (26-27/03/2015) which for the first time in the history of the region commissioned the Modern Enlightenment as its instinct principle (Religion for Individuals and Democracy for All) , we, Kurdistan enlighten women, as a part of our duties,  realized that we need to think  about the social and political subordination of women as well as the oppressed bygone cultural customs which are terrifying to women.

Mean time, we have been thinking about enlightened feminism movement.  At the end, we came over to announce our movement in the Second Conference (22-24/09/2016).

After three days of several meetings and debates on women issues  discussing different researches concerning democratic feminism,  decided to introduce our movement as a civilian right to fight for real social enlightenment and democracy forms, that we believe to be essential in building up and democratic system.

Enlightenment Feminism is a part of Dabran Platform, but with women’s  vision against gender discrimination, conservative democratic system and patriarchal tradition.

We expect that all those women who no longer want themselves and their children to stay imprisoned and be slaves of their dogmatic society, or reject the patriarchal power that murder them or their freedom, will join us and become friends, supporters, representatives, and leaders of this movement.

We aspire, Dabran Platform, in addition to all the communal and secular enlightenment centers as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), in the coming years make changes in authority so as engage women correspondingly alongside men in their administrations to become a basic principle in our struggles to modernism.

We need to strive to let men acknowledge that attempting to crimes against women based on their gender, or suppressing their liberty prevent men, themselves, from progress and domain social injustice!

It is necessary for our nation and society to be certain that women’s independence is essential for the entire society’s stability and it is a public interest issue. Kurdish nation only by women’s independence and gender equality becomes a part of the modern civilization, and democracy will change its course from vertical democracy to civilized-horizontal democracy.

In hopes of advancing enlightenment, and aspiration to triumph of women equality, assured by the efforts of educated women, Enlightened Feminism begins and we are confident that we get to our target.

Moving forward towards creating enlightened public opinion, democratic, and civilian authority.

Women of the Second Dabran Platform Conference


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