Mullah Abdullatif Salafi: Democracy is the religion of ignorance

7 years ago

Islamic preacher and the leader of Slafis in Kurdistan, Mullah Abdullatif Salafi, Says that, ‘’Democracy is the religion of ignorance.’’


” Democracy is the religion of whom? It is the religion of ignorance or the religion of Islam? “It is the religion of Ignorance”. Why democracy is the religion of ignorance? What is the meaning of democracy? It means rule of the people. No, No, you make yourself poor and telling the people you are not against Parliament. You against Parliament. You against Democracy. You are against political parties. -“Yes I swear to God, Yes I swear to God. Congrats to you” You are considering Democracy as a blasphemy? ,“Yes” This means that PUK and PDK are unbelievers? Yes. OK, it's obvious, it's obvious, Well said.


Mullah Abdullatif Salafi is the speaker at Bahasht (Paradise) Mosque in Sulaymaniyah, he owns the Amozhgary TV Channel, a radio, and several websites.


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