Dabran Platform becomes reality

7 years ago

Hundreds of people join the Platform and a number of branches are opened in several cities.

Although after Dabran held its second conference in Sulaimaniyah on Sept. 22-24 with the participation of enlightened and feminist researchers and specialists which was a very good success, some groups reacted with hostile criticism and aggressive lies against the Conference.

However, hundreds of intellectuals are joining the Dabran Platform and this has angered the Islamists and Salafis. Recently, after the second conference several branches were opened in several cities under the supervision and management of experienced enlightened intellectuals.

Two branches open in Erbil, one on Tuesday 04/10/2016 and the other on Wednesday 05/10/2016. The former is (Khanzad- Erbil Branch) which is supervised and managed by Dr. Hersh Aziz Brahim and some other intellectuals. The latter is (Qalla Branch) which is supervised and managed by Saman Ali Mustafa and some other intellectuals and academics.

Moreover, On 06/10/2016 (Pasha Gawra Branch) was opened in Rwanduz and is supervised and managed by Hawar Majid Taha and some other intellectuals. The forth branch Soran Branch was opened in Soran on 08/10/2016 and is supervised and managed by Shabaz Aziz Brahim and has several members.

In addition, three Branches were opened in Koya, the first one is (Kakon-1) which was opened on 09/10/2016, and is administered by Professor Hamad Mohanad Rashid. The second is (Kakon-2) which was opened on 10/10/2016 and is administered by Hamad Mohanad Rashid. The third branch (Kakon-3) was opened on 11/10/2016 and is managed by Ahmed Omar Hassan.

Every day people are joining Dabran as supporters and volunteers in order to help the Platform to achieve its objectives. Dabran has opened several branches in Kurdistan and abroad, they all will strive for social awareness so as to challenge the mid-century thoughts among individuals, family, and community.


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