Free mind for an enlightened generation : The 20th Galawezh Festival

7 years ago

Kurdistan Region, Sulaymaniyah city: Today, 20/11/2016, the 20th festival of Galazwezh kicked off in Sulaymaniyah city in which a several officials of government and political parties attended the festival. Galawezh, a literary festival in the city of Sulaymaniyah that has endured for two decades, is focusing this year’s edition on literature from the Armenian genocide under the Ottoman Empire.

The four-day festival, which ends Wednesday, has followed an annual tradition of focusing on the literature of a particular country, often with links to Kurdistan. 

This year’s pick, Armenia, is a nation divided by language and culture but united in a common past of genocidal campaigns, mirroring the Kurds’ own recent history.

The Armenian Genocide of the 20th century led to the death of about 1.5 million people at the hands of the then Turkish Ottoman Empire.

The Kurdish Genocide, on the other hand, was committed at the hands of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, under his so-called Anfal campaign. At least 182,000 Kurds, notably in rural areas, were killed under the systematic military campaign to wipe out a whole nation.

In the outset of the festival which was staged in Tawar Hall  in Sulaymaniyah city, Nawzad ahmed, head of Galawezh Literary and Cultural Center, said it is honour for continuing the festival despite the crisis, adding this year the cultural dialogue will be started in the festival.

In his speech, Qwbad Talabani, deputy prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said political exercise has gone through a dangerous direction, adding, "After 25 years of governing, we did not find a suitable form for coexistence in Kurdistan region".

In regard with crisis between Kurdistan region and Baghdad, he said before addressing the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, the crisis between Sulaymaniyah and Erbil should be addressed.

"We will not reach our goal with the destructive criticism" adding criticism in Kurdistan region is close to disdain.

"Reform in Kurdistan region needs the reactivation of Kurdistan parliament".

 Mala Bakhtiar, chief of Executive body of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and supervisor of the festival shed light on the political situation in Kurdistan region, Iraq, and the area, saying, unfortunately, this year the Galawezh festival is being hold in coincident with the arrest of Kurdish leaders and parliament members of the northern Kurdistan.

"Neighboring countries are reconstructing their jails, but we will reconstruct the street for freedom" he added.

Under the motto "free mind and enlightenment generation", the Galawezh festival will last for 4 days.

Several literate people from inside Kurdistan region, Iraq, Iran, and the Armenia will participate in the festival.

Source: Rudaw & pukpb


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