Dabran Platform held its second conference in Sulaymaniyah

7 years ago


Under the supervision of Editor-in-Chief Mala Bakhtiar and under the slogan “Religion for Individual and Democracy for All”, On Sept. 22 and 23, the Dabran Platform held its second conference in Sulaymaniyah with the participation of researchers and specialists in the field of education.

Those in attendance were KRG Ministers, members of Iraqi and Kurdistan Region Parliaments, Members of Politburo and Leadership of various political parties from Kurdistan, consuls of foreign countries, university lecturers, intellectuals and writers.

During the conference, Mala Bakhtiar issued a statement which started off with establishing a historical background for his discourse through taking the participants through different stages of ups and downs in the history of the governing system and political power in Kurdistan.

He went on to say that over the past two centuries, more or less, the Kurds have heard the concept of restoration within their discourses and reflections; however, because of being divided and conquered by its enemies, the right of freedom never achieved in any part of Kurdistan. Therefore, he says, the topic of restoration had no place in the Kurdish society neither as multifaceted project nor as finding ways to its use. 

Following its second conference in Sulaymaniyah the Dabran Platform was opposed with criticisms from Islamic groups, Islamic political parties, and Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union; the Union Scholars claimed that, the Dabran Platform has many negative aspects and works towards eliminating People’s religious identity and is irresponsible in the Kurdistan's current situation.

The Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union issued a statement regarding the Second Dabran Platform. ‘’The Kurds together with their national identity, they hold Muslim identity, thus, any attempt of renunciation of religious identity will result in disposing individuals from their important feature…’’  it stated.


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