New Platform and new Magazine

7 years ago

After its first conference on 26.03.2015, the Dabran Platform decided to issue two magazines the first one which is called (Dabran) is for reviewing and criticising Islamic fundamentalism with researches about their ancient belief and the other (Dabran and Science) is to analyse scientific theories and discoveries and publish scientific researches . The Platform also owns a website in Kurdish, Arabic and English (

From that perspective, if we seek to specify the direction of a new enlightenment platform or duties of a new magazine, or duties of potential writers who may work in that magazine after more than two decades-long of democratic experiment and also specify the negligence within the efforts towards enlightenment, this task will be apparently different in certain aspects of other similar efforts already made by intellectual centres or magazines.  Of course, a certain number of those centres or magazines could bear fruit in specifying the aspects of enlightenment during the past couple of decades while some of them were like “the cake was not worth the candle” in certain conditions and some of them have been on going so far. We do not want to assume that we seek to announce an intellectual and philosophical coup over the other centres or magazines.

We know that is a difficult presumption. Instead, we are trying to argue some subjects and cultivate them in the minds of readers and ring the bell of “dedication “to “Isolation” ( Dabran magazine). Based on all bright meanings of modern enlightenment, this Dabran seeks to peel off the concept of traditionalism, or seeks to gradually break away from all ill-formed social principles, intellectual complexes and measurements which are derived from religion and its sects and traditionalism which have been even until now become a justification used on behalf of majority to confront democracy and enlightenment.

Dabran, as it seems from its name, seeks to break away from dead questions and project living ones. It seeks to dig the dead questions which have been made for more than a millennium around establishing a morality which is merely meant to be sexual morality without arguing the genuine morality or being changed.

Since the social stereotype of “That is shame” was imposed in talking, since all body – covered garment, Hijab was imposed, even the some are nowadays more conservative or narrow-mindedly sewed than those existed during the 1960s or 1970s, inner freedom is killed, hundreds of desires have been restrained behind the psychological shame.

Since the invention of medieval -like traditions and their preservations and then being imposed during the globalizations era, since the red line was drawn between “Halal or permissible” or “impermissible” according to the religion or its sects, which are verified or not verified among the various nations, the human criterion have been broken apart, even leading to the making of resentment among humans.

Since concepts like defamation of honour, being honourable, losing social credibility, sexual humiliation were preserved even until now and one of which has been researched on to find their roots, since the rise of the concepts of family, clan, tribes and ways to preserve them under the pretext of protecting mutual destiny or social principles. These factors are the key obstacles to the process of democracy. Worse, these ignorant norms within the social relations have been promoted.

Besides the traditional and social norms, we have to wonder why so many religions and sects exist, why so many separations and classifications exist, why religion is imposed since birth.  Why so many Islamic Jurisprudence, or Fiq, diligence or Ijtihad have been made. Why the Creator did not put all of their details into the divine contexts so that human beings would have been free and away from all these wrangles. Why the Creator allow a man to have and marry four women at a time provided that he is financially and sexually is capable of having them while women’s freedoms, even if she is capable financially and sexually, are extremely restrained.

While sexual capability is a condition that has to be met by a man to marry four women, science has invented products to improve sexual energy long time ago.  Thus, now all Muslim men can be given power to have four wives. We wonder how we can get absolutely convinced that how Quran was collected decades after the death of the prophet and even after a century, the prophet’s speeches and teachings were classified and the rest has still remained unproved.

We wonder why prophet did not assign some literate gentlemen to write Quran and his speeches and teachings. We ask if there was no one! Or he did not want to.  How can the dogmatic thoughts and doubts are ended up without free critics and freedom of conscience.  We wonder why details of hundreds of sciences, cosmological rules, natural sciences, botany, astronomy, earth science, psychology, chemistry, physics, geology and etc. have never been mentioned in the divine religion scriptures. Why they took hundreds of years to be discovered.

We wonder how we can compare the discovered life with the unknown post-death myth from physical point of view. What kind of scientific convincement we can get instead of having a spiritual one?

These kinds of questions have not been made in our culture and literature and thus we do not know their answers. But they should be made and the experts and intellectuals should answer them scientifically far from extremist thoughts despite the existence of fear and intimidation. 

Let’s start and ask these questions and open logic to them and let’s discuss them in a more appropriate environment.


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