Three new branches of Dabran Platform are opened

7 years ago

Following opening several branches in Kurdistan and abroad, Dabran Platform opened three more branches, one at the Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University (SPU) in the city of Sulaymaniyah and the other two in the Pishdar province.

‘’We are delighted to announce that Dabran Platform has expanded to open three new branches in the Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University (SPU) and the Pishdar province, in the city of Qalladze to serve students and younger generation with their education and raise their awareness with enlightenment.’’ Said the head of Dabran Branches, Peshraw Hassan.

A group of students from the Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University (SPU) announced joining Dabran Platform with opening a new branch at their University to serve students and stir awareness within the student community.

The SPU branch was opened on 07/12/2016 and is supervised and managed by Sharo Shaho and it already has several members. Shaho stated that, ‘the new branch will emphasize on reason and individualism rather than tradition.’’ The branch will work according to the principles of the Dabran Platform and aspire to attain the Platform’s slogan “Religion for Individual and Democracy for All.”

In the Pishdar province in the city of Qalladze two branches were opened on 08/12/2016. A group of intellectuals, including teachers, government officials, activists, and journalists opened two branches. The members believe they need to work hard on changing people’s attitude towards religion, democracy, and the modern world. ‘’we need to challenge the old system of belief and try to spread knowledge about modern ideas and enlightenment’’, stated one of the members. 


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