Mala Bakhtiar: Be quick but do not to hurry

7 years ago

‘’Dabran Platform, where you all work with has advanced to Enlightened Feminism and all the efforts on our objectives on abroad, have been accomplished’’ said the Editor-in-Chief of Dabran Platform Mala Bakhtiar to the Xoshnawati Dabran branch.

On 17/12/2016 Mala Bakhtiar had a meeting with a group of young people from the Dabran Platform Xoshnawati Branch. During the meeting the Editor-in-Chief said that,’’our slogan,Religion for Individual and Democracy for All, will give personal freedom to all individuals, such as,  freedom to speak and freedom to choose.’’

Regarding the Platform’s activities and seminars  Bakhtiar noted that, every year our Platform will engage in several international conferences which are held all over the world with participants around the world including intellectuals and great world thinkers. Also, he indicated that, in the next two years, one of those international conferences will be held in Kurdistan.

In the end, Mala Baxtiar said to the Xoshnawati branch members that, ‘’with knowledge and open-mindedness they should continue what they have already started. He asked them to be quick but do not to hurry on accomplishing the Platform’s objectives.’’


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