Dabran Platform-Germany Branch: The scientific method and the religious ‘’truths’’

6 years ago

A seminar was held on Sunday 05/02/ 2017 on the topic of ‘’the fundamental differences between the scientific method and the religious ‘truths’ ’’. The seminar was prepared by Dabran Platform-Germany Branch and presented by writer Fuad Majid Misri , who is a writer and Islamic critic, in the city of Colon in Germany.

The writer has begun by explaining how science and religion were Incompatible and was futile to reconcile science and religion because they have conflicting methodologies of what constitutes evidence.

Furthermore, he said, we live in the Age of Science so we no longer need to rely on religious scriptures to understand the world. In the Age of science all religions need reformation.

Finally, the participants asked questions and engaged in a discussion.

Since its foundation Dabran Platform has held several activities, seminars, and conferences in Kurdistan and abroad.


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