Dabran Platform Opens New Branches

6 years ago

In Khanaqin and Garmian province as well as the city of Rawandiz and Gali Akoyan province, more people are joining Dabran Platform.

In addition, Dabran platform intends to open more branches and attract more people to work with the Platform all over Kurdistan.

Furthermore, several branches opened in Rawandiz and Gali Akoyan province. The branch members held meetings with young people and gave them a brief introduction about the Platform and its goals.

Moreover, Dabran associates, especially young people, see the Platform as an indispensable project to familiarize the enlightenment movement in Kurdistan. They expressed their delight over Dabran Platform as the central key to open new era of enlightenment in our tribal society.

The new branches will emphasize on reason and individualism rather than tradition.’’ The branches will work according to the principles of the Dabran Platform and aspire to attain the Platform’s slogan “Religion for Individual and Democracy for All.”


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