An Agreement Between Dabran Platform and Ashti Group

6 years ago

Dabran Platform and Ashti (Peace) group in Khanaqin agreed to set up joint activities and assist the Platform’s slogan "Religion for Individual and Democracy for All" forward and give more attention to women.

The head of Dabran Platfrom Branch in Khanaqin Abbas Mahmood met with Zienab Arkawzi- a member and head of the Ashti Group. Both parties discussed on a number of things, including the development of the democratic process in the region and the opportunity for girls and women to work in various fields, particularly in the area of Enlightenment.

In the end, the two sides agreed to support and aid each other in their activities and give their full efforts to develop the spirit of acceptance between both of them as well as to press the maxim of Dabran (Religion for Individual and Democracy for All) forward.

The Platform aims at promoting enlightenment and to put critical pressure on the authority to set up a secular system and a modern civil and social life. And to put in place all kinds of freedom forms, including freedom of conscience.


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