Horizon for Reconciliation in (Religion for Individual and Democracy for All)

6 years ago

A seminar prepared by Dabran Platform- Khanaqin Branch and presented by the head of Branch Abbas Mahmood on Sunday 16/04/ 2017 on the topic of ‘’The Horizon for Reconciliation in Dabran Platform’s Slogan’’ in Khanaqin as part of the Branch activities.

The seminar was attended by a number of students from the Khanaqin Industrial Preparatory School and a group of teachers. Moreover, the seminar organizer highlighted the concept of coexistence and its role in reviving humanity and the formation of a society based on reconciliation and acceptance of the other.

Abbas then touched upon the slogan of Dabran Platform - "Religion for Individual and Democracy for All", stressing that the platform will prove by experience that its central slogan is the basis of a healthy society and true coexistence.

Finally, the participants asked questions and engaged in a discussion.


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