Islamic male sexuality, the real ‘toxic masculinity’

6 years ago

Despite what apologists for Islam say, Islam the theology has created a culture based around misogyny. In Islam women are property, wives are often under coercion backed up by violence or the threat of violence and in Islam the idea of sex slavery isn’t merely a murky aspect of the ideology’s past, but also part of its present.

Women’s rights in Islamic countries vary from nearly as equal as those in modern Western countries as in Turkey (although this will probably get worse as time goes by and Erdogan favours religious conservatism) right through to the virtually non existent rights ‘enjoyed’ by women in Saudi Arabia, who cannot drive and are required to be overseen by a male guardian, and Sudan where women are alleged to be routinely raped by government security forces to stop them speaking out. Between these two poles labelled ‘freedom’ and ‘murderous oppression’ there are those countries where women’s rights can be better than Sudan or Saudi but still pretty bad. Countries such as Indonesia for example, where according to Human Rights Watch, there are 279 local ordinances that discriminate against women which are derived from Shariah Law and are also in some cases applied to the country’s Christian minority.

Throughout the world, where the ideology of Islam rules or dominates or has influence over government, or even has communal power, there is misogyny. It is a misogyny that is born of the Islamic texts, it is born of the Koran, the Hadith and Shariah and also of the cultures that these texts and those who brought them at sword-point to diverse places, have created. In Islam women are too often chained by Islamic gynohatred to a yoke from which they will never be released. Islam’s second class status for Muslim women (non Muslim women are even lower than that) creates a temporal world for women that is brutal, violent and decidedly un-free and an afterlife where the vast majority of women are said, according to Islamic texts, to suffer eternal hell-fire. Not content with creating hell on earth for Muslim women, Islam creates a spiritual post-death hell for women as well.

Islam kills women. It kills them physically, mentally and spiritually.

We can’t ignore Islamic misogyny we really cannot. Firstly we cannot ignore it because it’s morally wrong to ignore it, although sadly too many Third Wave Feminists seem to be able to not perceive Islamic misogyny as a problem. I hope history judges these feminists with double standards very harshly. Secondly we cannot ignore Islamic misogyny because foolish politicians have imported and sadly pandered to millions of migrants from Muslim cultures who have brought with them their gynohatred. This problem of Islamic misogyny would be something that any moral being should concern themselves with, even if it was happening in Pakistan or somewhere similar, but it’s a more immediate, more threatening problem for us and our children now that it is here.

The matter of Islamic misogyny and the genuinely toxic masculinity that Islam foments, is a clear and present danger to our societies. Islamic misogyny, the lack of a religious or cultural distaste for bestiality, paedophilia and Ephebophilia, along with the supremacist nature of Islamic theology, makes Islam and the men it produces, is a problem both for the women of the host societies and for the women and children from Muslim families in the West.

It is the twisted masculinity produced by Islam and nurtured in Islamic communities and societies that is behind marriages that are not merely arranged but are forced. Islam is the driving force that motivates Muslims to commit the grotesque and far too common examples of ‘honour’ violence. This cruel, capricious and often violent misogyny and the acceptance that women have no right consent to sex or withhold consent to sex, is also behind what the psychologist Nicholai Sennels has called the ‘expression of a perverted sexual life and culture‘. Nicholai Sennels added that Islam creates ‘some thoroughly depressing and dysfunctional character-traits – these character-traits are, in far too many cases, the result of growing up in the Muslim culture.‘

There is in Islamic societies, both in the Islamic world and ensconced in our own nations, a culture of women and girls as property. It is likely that because of Islamic misogyny, there is likely to be an epidemic of rape and sexual abuse that Muslim men subject their own families to that is never or rarely spoken about.

The toxic and sex obsessed culture of Islamic masculinity that lies behind the monstrous epidemic of the Islamic Rape Gang phenomena, a problem that has, especially in the United Kingdom, been ignored or denied by the governmental and policing establishment. This Establishment placed a greater value on ‘not offending Muslims’ or ‘not being seen to be ‘racist”, than the safety of the girls and young women who became victims of these gangs. If any one thing can be said to show the moral bankruptcy of the ideology of multiculturalism then this must surely be it? For decades and even today, those in authority refused to comprehend that cultures such as that of Islam had decidedly stinky records when it came to women’s rights and that too many Muslims had bad attitudes towards women. Those who could have changed things refused to look at Islamic theology dispassionately and acknowledge that Islam treats women and especially non Muslim women as something akin to livestock. If the authorities had decades ago done this and said that raping our children is not acceptable then how many women and girls would have lived their lives without the trauma of rape and commodification that the followers of Islam brought to their communities? My guess is that the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs would have been far less of a problem if those we trusted to govern us had acted in our interests and not that of a deluded ideology called multiculturalism.

I’m all for majority societies making reasonable accommodations for minority religious belief, such as the Sikh motorcycle helmet exemption, or a company voluntarily not scheduling observant Jews to work on the Sabbath, as this is showing decency and tolerance and neither of these accommodations do any damage to the majority community. Showing tolerance and being decent to those who are themselves decent and tolerant is part of what makes us in the West civilised. However there are some things that are beyond the pale and cannot be tolerated and the rape and sex trafficking, that we see all too often being committed by Muslims, is not a part of Islam that can or should be reasonably accommodated in our societies. It is shameful to us that so many of our own politicians and our own police officers decided that making accommodations for supremacist Islamic misogyny was the way to go.

All societies and all cultures can produce individual monsters and abusers but these individuals are often thrown up at random the result of genetic throw of the dice or because of how the individuals were conditioned. The problem with Islamic culture and Islamic society is that these groups are not merely afflicted by random monsters but that the culture actively produces not a few, but many monsters.

Until we get to grips with the idea that Islamic misogyny is a problem rooted in Islamic theology and Islamic law and also that Islamic male sexuality is a toxic blend of entitlement and superiority, then nothing will change. To ignore or deny the roots of Islamic gynohatred means that women both in the Islamic world and here in our homes in the non-Islamic world, will continue to be raped, sold, abused, oppressed, burned with fire and acid, mutilated and murdered. To ignore such things, to not speak of them, to dismiss those who speak of them as ‘racist’, is to give tacit permission for such things to continue. I for one do not give such permission for such abuses to continue and I speak out against them and support those others who do so and I do this because I am a man and not a mere beast. No sensible or compassionate farmer would not put a wild, ravenous and carnivorous animal into a field occupied by hens or sheep and neither should we as societies continue to see Islamic misogyny as anything other than something to be condemned and eradicated. To mix women with a culture that sees them as second or third class citizens will condemn these women to death just as surely as putting a wolf in a sheep enclosure will merely ensure a well fed wolf.

We should no longer tolerate the intolerable gynohatred of Islam or the twisted and depraved men who benefit from this gynohatred or perpetuate it. It’s time to say a resounding ‘no’ to the toxic and dangerous masculinity produced by the ideology of Islam.

This article was originally published on and has been republished here with permission.


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