Sharia Law: the capital punishment for not doing prayer is death

6 years ago

Mullah Ramazan Qabil Qadirkarami, a Kurdish Salafi Mullah, in Kurdistan (North of Iraq) says, the capital punishment for those who do not pray is death.


’’Sheikh ul-Islam (Ibn Taymiyyah) says if Islam ruled (under the Sharia Law), the person who does not pray will be called, then he will be laid down on his back and a sword would be put on his neck and he would be asked; Are you the person who does not pray? He answers, yes. Do you believe in a prayer? He answers, yes. We ask you start praying? If he said, No. He would be asked again two more times, if the answer is still no. Hit him with the sword because there is no faith in his head. The reason for that is if a person prefers death to prostrate to the Allah, his brain, heart and mind does not contain any faith. A person saying kill me, but I will not prostrate to the Allah is a Kafir (unbeliever)?




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