Dabran Platform Opens New Branch

6 years ago

On Tuesday, July, 25, 2017 another branch of Dabran Platform was announced in Qalladze. The Branch is formed by a group of young activists of the province of Qalladze.

After the members of the new branch had a meeting with Mala Bakhtiar, the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform, they had another meeting at the Platform’s headquarter with the head of Dabran Platform.

During the meetings they discussed the Platform’s slogan, ‘’Religion for Individual and Democracy for All’’, which they believed will give personal freedom to all individuals, such as, freedom to speak and freedom to choose.’’

They expressed their willingness to work and participate in the activities of the Platform.

Moreover, they promised to work diligently to enhance their ability to serve the Platform’s goals and objectives.

Dabran Platform is expanding day by day, it has been joined by thousands of young people and the Platform intends to open more branches and attract more people to work with the Platform all over Kurdistan.


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