Mala Bakhtiar: Dabran Platform respects all religions indiscriminately

6 years ago

Saturday 5 August 2017, at the Dialogue Hall at the headquarters of Dabran Platform a new Branch of Dabran Platform in Halabjay Taza and Sharizor was announced. The members considered the Platform necessary and affirmed that ‘’they continue to spread the enlightenment thought within their community.’’

During the meeting, Mala Bakhtiar, the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform emphasized that the Platform ‘’is open to everyone, students, intellectuals and all Kurdistan residents, regardless of their personal religious or political beliefs.’’

‘’The Platform exists to promote and improve the understanding and discussion of Enlightenment, Secularism and Humanism, recognizing that these are distinct traditions,’’ he added.

‘’The Platform respects all religions indiscriminately and rejects all the accusations which have been raised against it for being hostile towards religion,’’ he continued.

‘’The voluntary joining of the platform from all cities, towns, and villages in Kurdish indicate, the general readiness of our nation to the enlightenment thought,’’ said the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform.

Progressively, the Platform opens more branches and attract more people to work with the Platform all over Kurdistan.


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