Mala Bakhtiar: Dabran Platform Seeks to Change Vertical Thinking into Horizontal Thinking

6 years ago

August 17, 2017 at the Dialogue Hall at the headquarters of Dabran Platform, after announcing several new branches, the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform Mala Bakhtiar met with the head members and members of Shkarta, Sarwchawa, Qaladiza, and Said Sadiq.
Mala Bakhtiar talked about the Paltform’s achievements, "Our tasks have now surpassed the boundaries of major cities and towns towards the villages and rural areas.’’

‘’The Platform focuses on ideas, seeking to change vertical thinking into horizontal thinking.’’

‘’At the present time, we have talented critics and young writers with an enlightened understanding of the world people compared to the past. Time has changed and young people have different views and opinions about the political activities and social issues in Kurdistan,’’ he added.

"Many people have opposed our attempts to achieve our objectives, however, we have insisted on our civil struggle to this day,’’ the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform continued.

"We respect religious clerics in general and we will not harm and cause any problems to any party, but we are obliged to prevent the spreading of the Salafi and Wahhabi ideology that harms our present and future," he said.

He pointed out that the ‘’Salafi mind is not confined only to religion, but reflected in all areas of life.’’

"We cannot fill pockets, but minds with knowledge," Bakhtiar said.


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