Mala Bakhtiar: Salafism violently wants to subjugate people’s spirit

6 years ago

Thursday 31 August 2017, another branch of Dabran Platform in the town of Sangasar was announced. The new branch is formed by a group of young activists and teachers in the area.

The General Supervisor of Dabran Platform Mala Bakhtiar met with members of the new branch and expressed his pleasure in announcing the new branch in the region. He hoped that all Members would participate in spreading awareness and enlightenment and encouraged them to work towards building a democratic society and promote respect for human rights.

Mala Bakhtiar said, ‘’Democracy means transforming society from an underdeveloped and closed society into a developed and open society.’’

He demonstrated the need to raise awareness in our society about the dangers of Salafism. ‘’ If the Baath regime obliterated our physical body in the past, now the Salafi movement in Kurdistan violently wants to subjugate the people’s spirit and practice human rights abuses.’’

‘’The social awareness status is low in Kurdistan and we need to work on projects and seminars to raise social awareness,’’ the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform continued.

The Platform intends to open more branches and attract more people to work with the Platform all over Kurdistan.


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