Emancipation of Women

6 years ago

By Sajib

What Is Emancipation?

Emancipation means the freedom of somebody especially from legal, political or social restrictions. So the emancipation of women means to set the women free from any kind of bondage. Women in Asia and Africa are politically exploited, socially oppressed and neglected. In the rest of the world, women are also not in a very favorable position but they are making their mark equally with time. That’s why their position is being strengthened in those particular portions of the world. But if these strengthening of the women are spread all over the world then women will find their place very strong in this planet. And the need for their emancipation arises from this social environment.

Meaning of Emancipation of Women:
The phrase "Emancipation of women" is frequently used to describe a process wherein the powerless can gain a greater share over resources and decision-making. Generally, the emancipation of women is a process through which women in general and poor women in particular tend to gain control over resources and ideologies. The emancipation of women ensures the freedom of self-fulfillment and self-development as well as equal access to domestic and community resources. Without women, the prosperity of a society cannot be gained properly. It is because they are large in number and you cannot expect to go ahead by ignoring them completely. It is impossible that a society will progress keeping a number of noticeable population illiterate and non-workable. If that society progresses 2 steps forward, then it will come back 5 steps. Ultimately the progress will be scattered. So by emancipating the women from all kind of social, mental and physical bondage, you will make the ideal situation for a society to prosper.

Condition of Women in Asia and Africa:
Despite the constitutional safeguards, women role in the public service has been negligible. But violence against women is alarmingly on the increase. This is a very serious social crime in this part of the world. Women are being neglected in all the aspects of the society. That’s why it would be the biggest joke to say anything regarding “emancipation of women”. Despite all these problems, there are some women who are making their mark with their efforts and support of their surroundings. Successes of these women are inspirational for those who want to break the shackles. Also it proves that if there are favorable conditions, the women in this part of the world can play major role in the development of the society as well as country.

Cause of Dis-empowerment of Women:
The reasons behind the dis-empowerment of women are many. However, we can sort out the major causes into the following three heads.

Economic Causes:
The majority of the women are dependent on men for their economic insolvency.

Socio-cultural And Religious Causes:

(i) Illiteracy:
The most of the women in Asia and Africa are illiterate. The rate of literacy of women is less than that of men. That’s why women are not cautious about their rights-whether social or legal. As a result men dominate their counterparts and deprive them of their rights.

(ii) Negligence:
In Asia and Africa women are ignored. So people usually do not tend to welcome a girl baby in their family. Even highly educated people fail to overcome this type of mentality. That’s why a girl is neglected right from the beginning of her life and do not get the minimum attention that she deserves.

(iii) Cultural Indifference:
The culture of Asia also affects women to a great extent. They are considered inferior to men. On the other hand, the system of dowry on the part of a bride is detrimental to women development. The dowry system leads to ruining of life of many girls. Many marital relations are broken due to this system. And in most of these cases, the girl has to lead a cursed life. Often they commit suicide due to the inability of bearing social harassment. That’s why their moving forward becomes a hilarious task.

Political Causes:
In Asia and Africa women has a very few political rights. They do not get support by the men. Women representation in the party committee and other bodies is very rare.

To emancipate women, the following measures should be taken:

1. The obstacle to the development of women should be removed.
2. The attitude of men towards women should be changed.
3. Women should be encouraged to take part in development activities.
4. The government should give women accessibility to credit and other monetary assistance for income generating activities.

The new millennium has come with hopes and aspirations for the women-folk. The active co-operation between men and women is a must for the real development. In this regard, collective efforts by the government, N.G.O. and international organizations as well as by the conscious people of society can ensure their emancipation from the so-called bondage. With this emancipation, women can be able to get their rights and make their positions equally important as that of the men. Then the society as well as the world will be a better place free from discrimination.


This article first appeared on the hubpages.com on January 29, 2016.


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