Why I'm A Feminist Against Modern-Day Feminism

6 years ago

By Wesley Piepmeier

I don't stand with modern day feminism.

I am all for equal rights for women, female empowerment, ending rape culture and "slut" shaming, but the feminist movement today is something I don't stand with. This whole making men lesser than women, free-bleeding and free the nipple movement is honestly stupid.

First of all, making men beneath us isn't making us equal. This kind of counteracts the making women equal thing we have going on. By making men less than us, we aren't doing anything for women other than making us feel better in what has frankly become a pity party. Feminists are getting a little extreme. I want equal pay and equal job opportunities. I wanted to have the same advantages and disadvantages in education and work force as men do. That is what equal is. Trying to make men less is like trying to get a free pass just because we have boobs and a period once a month.

Second of all, why on God's green earth would someone want to walk around bleeding freely? That is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. I get that it's not fair that tampons are expensive and, in some places, there is an extra tax on feminine hygiene products. However, that doesn't mean you let you blood just go. I don't want to see it. It is bad enough that I along pretty much every other woman deals with it every month, but come on. It's life. Thank Eve for it when you get to Heaven. There is no sense in ruining perfectly good undies and clothes to make a point. You're losing more money.

If you want to walk around with out a bra that is fine, go for it. But please, for all that is good in the world, do not walk around shirtless as a woman. There is a bit of a difference between women's boobs and men's boobs. Why is this even a paragraph in this article? I mean, do what you want. It is a free country, but why is it a movement? There are bigger issues that feminists need to be tackling. JUST SAYING!

Please don't take this as me being a woman against women because I'm not. I just think this has gotten out of hand and stupid issues are getting more attention than important issues.


Source: theodysseyonline.com


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