Mala Bakhtiar: Dabran Platform Needs an Enlightened Open Minded Society

5 years ago

On January 3, 2018, at the Dialogue Hall at the headquarters of Dabran Platform, the General Supervisor of Dabran Platform Mala Bakhtiar met with the members of (Hakari and Asos) Branches of the Platform from Qaladiza and Chwarqurna.

Mala bakhtiar said,’’ The aim of the Platform is to educate an enlightened and open minded society that is in opposition to reactionary attitudes and backward ideas.’’

The General Supervisor of Dabran Platform in the meeting discussed the objectives and projects of the Platform. He then talked about the history of Enlightenment in Kurdistan up to the present day.

He also reflected on the role of religion in the region and how it has been a major obstacle towards progress in the Middle East.

Mala Bakhtiar demonstrated the importance of enlightenment and how the ideas of the enlightenment helped influence democratic thought.

‘’Without enlightenment there will be no democracy,’’ he added.

Finally, the participants asked questions and engaged in a discussion.


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