Slemani: A Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dabran Platform

5 years ago

The Dabran Platform Board of Directors Meeting was held in Slemani on January 20, 2018, where nearly all the board members presented their ideas about how to combat the fast-growing Islamic movements in Kurdistan. The board also discussed the plans for the next conference of the Platform.

The General Supervisor of Dabran Platform Mala Bakhtiar extended welcome and convey gratitude to all the board members for their persistent work and support to Platform. In addition, he reviewed Dabran’s development in the past three years since establishment and discussed future prospect of the Platform.

He also discussed the need and importance of education in challenging Islamist ideology.

Mala Bakhtiar said, ‘’ it is very important to educate children, from early childhood, to become clear-thinking and enlightened citizens who participate in decisions concerning society, politics, and the economy.’’

He talked about the role of the Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia in spreading the radical ideology of Salafism and its Wahhabi agenda through charitable foundations.

‘’Over the last 25 years, more than $100 billion have been spent on exporting fanatical Wahhabism to various much poorer Muslim nations worldwide,’’ he added.

Next, the head Dabran Branches, Majid Khaleel, presented the 2017 annual report to the meeting, which records the accomplishment achieved in 2017, such as the youth and community activities, seminars, and workshops emphasizing their impact on the society.

Furthermore, Dabran website manager, Dabran Magazine editor-in-chief, and the head of Enlightening Feminism also presented their reports and listened to the other members for suggestions to improve their work.

The meeting was followed by a discussion about Dabran’s future plans, as members of the Board contributed their insights and ideas on how to continue with the efforts to carry out the mission of providing best service to the Kurdish society.


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