Dabran Platform holds a seminar on the Theory of Evolution

5 years ago

Dabran Platform-Sangasar Branch held a seminar in the Sangasar intellectual center on science and enlightenment thoughts and ideas. The seminar was prepared and presented by Dr. Karzan Abdullah, a biology expert at The University of Nottingham.

The seminar consisted of two sessions: in the first session the head of the Dabran Platform Branches, Majid Khaleel, gave a brief introduction about the history of the Platform and its humanistic objectives and philosophy.

In the second session Dr. Karzan, discussed the (The Theory of Evolution, The Relationship between Religion and Science). He highlighted the conflict of religious belief with scientific findings in relation to the theory of Evolution.

More than 100 people (women and men) attended the seminar, which lasted for two hours, at the end the participants asked questions and engaged in a discussion.


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