Dabran Enlightening Feminism symposium on the effects of domestic violence on children

5 years ago

A symposium (On the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children) was held at the University of Raparin.

The event, organized by The Department of Kindergarten of the University of Raparin in collaboration with Dabran Enlightening Feminism, was geared towards educating the youth about existing laws and framework for the protection of women.

The seminar consisted of three sessions: in the first session, Dr. Nicola Ashraf Namiq Shalli lecturer at Charmo University explained the different categories of domestic violence, such as, forced marriage, wife exchange, marriage in young age, domestic violence, and honor killing, and the rejection of women’s formal education, etc.

Moreover, she talked about how to both effectively prevent domestic violence and to ensure justice for victims.

In the second session, Ari Rafiq, a lecturer at the University of Raparin, discussed, (Psychological and Social Impact of Domestic Violence on Children.) He demonstrated the experience of children affected by domestic violence, and defined various terms to identify children’s experiences of domestic violence, including: witnessing violence; exposed to violence; experiencing direct abuse, hearing or seeing violence; and living with domestic violence.

In the third session, Sokh Muhammed, presented a report by Wadi Organization- a German-Iraqi NGO titled (Female Genital Mutilation and its psychological effects on young girls.)

She said, ‘’according to the 2017 report of the Wadi organization, in Kurdistan this procedure has led to psychological trauma to young children; with anxiety, panic attacks and sense of humiliation.’’


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