The Fourth Annual International Conference of Dabran Platform and The Second Conference of Enlightenment Feminism

5 years ago

The Fourth Annual International Conference of Dabran Platform and The Second Conference of Enlightenment Feminism will be held on January 19-20, 2019 in Sulaymaniyah.

The annual meeting of this year is convened under the slogan “Religion for Individual and Democracy for All.”

The Platform will continue to study religion and Enlightenment Feminism via the scientific approach and Kurdish understanding of both religion and feminism.

Conference Objectives

Religion is still a very important subject, although it has lost its significance in today’s society. Nevertheless, it has become a subject of scientific study and enquiry in the academic world of research. Each year around the world many organizations and foundations hold conferences and seminars to study religion and its place in the modern world. Thus, it is very important that in the Kurdistan Region, religion and feminism become two subjects of scientific scrutiny.

Conference Program

1. Religious Studies
2. Kurdish Society and Feminism
3. Relationship between Religion and Science in the Islamic East
4. Enlightenment Feminism and its Deliverance from Reactionary Society

Paper Submission Guidelines

1. All submitted draft papers should articulate original, unpublished research.
2. All papers will be double-blind peer reviewed by members of the conference committee to ensure an adequate standard, that the proposed subject of the submitted abstract has been followed, that the paper is of suitable length.
3. The paper needs to be printed in (A4) format, for the text using MS Word document, Times New Roman, font size (12), and endnotes with font size (10) (each page must start with number 1 for references). Papers must not exceed 10000 words in length.
4. The abstract should be a summary of your research, and should be self-contained (should be written?) in two of these three languages (Kurdish, Arabic, and English).
5. References should follow the (Harvard) referencing style.
6. The authors are responsible for the contents of the research and the accuracy of the citations. 
7. Papers that are accepted will be published in the conference proceedings.
8. Publishing the researches will be listed according to the language of the research and the name of the author. 

The full papers should be submitted by email to Dabran Platform ([email protected]). The deadline for full paper submission is 10th December 2018. You will be informed about your acceptance or rejection by 24th December 2018. 

Conference Contacts Details

Place: Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq.
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +964-(773)-163-3803


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