Documented: Deals between ISIS, Iraqi officials to free its terrorists

5 years ago

ISIS terrorist group bribed corrupt Iraqi officials supervising prisons to release some of the group's prisoners, Husham al-Hashimi, a researcher in security and strategic affairs and extremist groups uncovered official documents proving his announcement.

A document issued by the Captives and Martyrs' Affairs Authority for the so-called ISIS Nineveh State shows a request for paying 5,000 dollars to release ISIS member, Muthanna Abdul Jabbar Ismail, who was detained at Soussa prison.

Another document revealed that Iraqi lawyer Ali Hussein al-Mu'aini received 1,500 dollars from the terrorist group, as he worked to release Amer Khattab, one of the group's prisoners in Central Prison of Nasiriyah.

Moreover, a sealed document from the so-called ISIS Diyala state was recognized. The document asked for paying officers and lawyers 7,400 dollars for a number of officers, to take procedures in favor of a list of 16 ISIS convicts.

Political Analyst, Sanad al-Shammari, said that the government should be careful as a series of other betrayals may take place, western provinces can be destabilized, adding that clearing security services from corruption has become a necessity.

Source: The Baghdad Post


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