U.S. jet fighters kill 25 Islamic State militants in Kirkuk

5 years ago

As many as 25 terrorists from the Islamic State (IS) group were killed in US-led airstrikes in northern Iraq's Kirkuk province on Sunday.

The US-led coalition forces carried out aerial attacks in the oil-rich province in response to an attack by the terror group that targetted a high-voltage transmission line in Havice region, which occurred on Saturday, senior Iraqi security official Major General Maan al-Saadi told Anadolu News Agency.

Also, the airstrikes destroyed two shelters where the IS terrorists had been hiding.

In December last year, Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State , which had seized control of nearly a third of the country in 2014. However, in some parts of the war-torn country, the IS maintains a network of "sleeper cells".

Both the US-led forces and the Iraqi government have been conducting several airstrikes to clear out the terror camps, particularly in the northern parts of Iraq.


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