Security forces kill 14 ISIS militants in Nineveh Province

5 years ago

(IraqiNews) The Security Media Center of the Iraqi Federal Ministry of Defense announced, on Saturday, that security forces killed 14 militants belonging to the Islamic State group in Nineveh Province, during the search for sleeper cells in the area.

The center declared that security forces from Nineveh Operations Command, backed by the army aviation and international coalition warplanes, launched an operation to search for ISIS hideouts in the area.

Furthermore, it added that the operation resulted in the killing of 14 terrorists and destroying 3 hideouts, due to the intensive air strikes of the international coalition warplanes.

It is noteworthy that the Military Intelligence Directorate announced, last week, killing a terrorist, known as al-Katkout, who held five important positions in the ranks of the Islamic State group, after engaging with a terrorist group in Sharqat Island, in Salahuddin Province.


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