Turkish court orders Iranian convert refugee to report on similarities between Christianity, Islam

5 years ago

A Turkish court has ordered an Iranian refugee, who was previously detained in Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen Airport while trying to travel to Spain with a fake passport, to report on the similarities between the Quran and the Bible after claiming he could be persecuted in his home country for converting to Christianity.

Authorities arrested Ali Karimi, 19, on Nov. 25 while attempting to board a plane heading to Spain with a forged passport.

Karimi told Turkish police forces: "I became a Protestant with the help of an Iranian friend named Reza, converts to Christianity are considered apostates in Iran and so I fled my country because I was afraid I would be killed there."

Istanbul's 8th Court of First Instance recently ruled, according to judicial imperatives, in favor of Karimi’s conditional release.

On that view, Karimi has to prepare an analysis of the similarities between Islam and Christianity through a study of the Quran and the Bible and to submit summaries on a weekly basis of the comparisons to the Turkish court.

Yet, Karimi was absent before the court on the first date on which he was supposed to submit the summary.

In Turkey, courts usually order an appeal when suspects violate the conditions of their release.


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